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  About Mind Over Clutter:
Mind Over Clutter began as a result of my own efforts to deal with clutter. I found that most information on clutter and organization almost never covered territories such as how to deal with feelings that I can't get rid of the clutter. Or that the guilty.

I came to the conclusion that many of my reasons for keeping clutter were based on old beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. While most experts were telling me to sort my clutter based on how often I used it, I realized I needed to sort through my thoughts and feelings as well as the clutter.

Taking the time to organize my mind, prioritizing what was important to me, and tossing out the rest made it easier to let go and get control of clutter. For the clutter in your home is only a symptom of the clutter in your head.

I learned to let go of a lot of the guilt and other emotions. I learned when to recognize when I was holding onto something I didn't need because I had a belief that caused me to act certain ways.

I still have problems with it at times. But still, I learned information that I found invaluable. Not only is my home looking better I find my life is getting less crazy. I hope to pass that information I learned onto you in the hopes that you will find it beneficial as well.

Sharon Crosby


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