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  Priorities and Clutter
by Sharon Crosby

Setting priorities can help you battle one of the most difficult blocks to getting rid of clutter...motivation. In the past I had made some half-hearted attempts to get organized, but the desire to keep going usually fizzled quickly. I often wondered how I could stay motivated. It wasn't until I wanted something badly enough that I would sacrifice almost anything for it, including my old belongings, that I learned the first key to motivation.

Motivation is born of desire. The stronger the desire for something, the stronger the motivation. For me, it took realizing that clutter was robbing me of something I was passionate about (a career in writing) to motivate me to change.

When you take the time to realize that clutter almost never helps you get what you most want, indeed it subtly interferes with you getting what you want, then the desire to root out clutter becomes stronger.

Get a notebook and on a blank page start listing things that are important to you. Then start numbering each item in order of importance, one being the most important and so on. I’ll bet that no matter how many priorities you wrote down clutter wasn’t listed among them. But many of us put clutter above those priorities anyway through the simple method of ignoring said clutter.

Now, focus on the top three to five priorities and ask yourself if the clutter in your home helps you with those. Chances are they don’t. Now, think of ways in which the clutter may actually be hindering your ability to give high attention to those priorities.

If clutter isn’t helping you in regards to your priorities do you want to let it remain in your life?

For example, say I want more time for my family and so I am willing to let go of those things that cause me to have more housework to do. Or you want to save money for a vacation and eliminating the clutter in that storage unit saves you a little bit of money each month, bringing you a little bit closer to your goal.

Keep thinking about those priorities. Keep thinking about them until you want them so badly that you won’t let anything, including those loose objects all around the house, keep you from having them. Do that and you’ll have found a key source to motivating yourself to keep on doing something about your clutter.

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